Covid rules

Please follow these guidelines at the event

keep your distance whenever possible

disinfecting your hands is mandatory

cosplay is not consent, ask permission for pictures

vaccination certificate or recent negative corona test is mandatory

be patient and kind, have a lot of fun!

Some long awaited information has now been confirmed! Elftopia will work with the COVID safe ticket! What does that mean? You still need to be able to present a valid vaccination certificate or a negative corona test, BUT that also means that now the antigen test pharmacists can take is also accepted and that mouth masks can be taken off once you entered the event!
Some practical info :
– A vaccination is only valid if you’ve had the FULL dosage(in most cases 2 shots) + the required waiting time. If you’ve only had 1 out of 2 doses, your vaccination is not valid. If you have had 2 doses but did not have the required waiting time(in most cases 2 weeks) your vaccination is not valid.
– A PCR test must be taken maximum 48 hours in advance and must be linked to your name.
– An antigen test must be taken maximum 24 hours in advance and must be linked to your name.
How do you get the Covid Safe ticket?
You can download your current certificates(Vaccination or Test) with the CovidSafeBE app( or through your citizen profile or health profile, all info is also on the website of covidsafe( This will make it very easy for us to scan your Covid Safe ticket first and then scan your Elftopia tickets. After that you will be able to roam around freely, without mouth mask.