Frequently Asked Questions

It’s going to be incredibly summery weather at Elftopia this edition.
Since it’s going to be such warm weather, please follow these guidelines.


  1. Hydrate well, the festival rules allow you to bring your own water to the festival.
  2. Apply sunscreen well and several times a day.
  3. There are shaded areas at the festival such as the Candy Forest and the Alphabet Stage, so look for these if you get too hot.
  4. Make sure to cover your head as much as possible when walking in the sun.
  5. Do not exert too much effort.
  6. Be sensible with alcohol in this weather. Drink with moderation.
  7. If you see someone who is clearly unwell, help them to the Red Cross booth near the exit.
  8. And certainly do not bring pets to Elftopia, they are not allowed at Elftopia.


Ooidonk Castle
Ooidonkdreef 9, 9800 Deinze

ELFTOPIA is open from 10.00 to 20.00 on the 11th of August and from 10.00 to 20:00 on the 12th of August

There will be two entrances: A Ticket Line (If you already have your online printed ticket) and a No Ticket Line.

Of course! Ask a steward at the entrance/exit for a bracelet when going outside!

No, unless you have a medical certificate for a guiding animal, they are not allowed.


Yes! There is a discount of 3 euros at the door for cosplayers. You must be in cosplay of course!

Guns are prohibited. Forbidden Weapons are prohibited, please check Belgian law for this.

Carrying prohibited weapons, knives or any other object that, in our judgement, could be used to harm others is, of course, STRICTLY forbidden at all times.If any public authority or representative of ELFTOPIA have any requests about the weapons you have to comply immediately. People breaching these rules will be removed from ELFTOPIA. Weapons may be impounded at our own discretion at any and all times.

Real swords will not be permitted.
Only prop-weapons will be allowed.

No. Any weapons ressembling real weapons may be refused at the entry.

To qualify for the reduced rate you should be cosplayed when entering for at least 70%! Watch out : we have a CosplayMeter3000™, if it doesnít have a reading of at least 70% of cosplay the ticket is not valid! A carnival mask wonít be sufficient!


All tickets are valid for one day except the special weekend ticket that has a discount. This is only for standard-tickets. Children and cosplayers who want to come 2 days have to buy two separate tickets.

Check your Spam Folder. If the ticket is not in there, Go to (FAQ and Whatsapp)

Nope. But you are free to resell it if you really want to miss out!

Probably yes, but remember that tickets are limited but we will announce this on our website when they are running out.

Till the age of two. Between the age of 2 and 8 there is a special ticket for children.

If you’re accompanying a disabled visitor, you don’t need to pay for a ticket. The only condition is that you have a valid medical certificate from a doctor that says assistance is needed.

No, so that means you can buy tickets for all your friends on your name!

The Standard Ticket is as the word says a ticket at the Standard price.

The Cosplay Ticket is a ticket at a reduced price for people who come in Cosplay(disguised) to ELFTOPIA!

To qualify for the reduced rate you should be cosplayed when entering for at least 70%! Watch out : we have a CosplayMeter3000™, if it doesn’t have a reading of at least 70% of cosplay the ticket is not valid! A carnival mask won’t be sufficient!


You can smoke outside but please be careful with what you do with your sigaret.

Don’t throw it in the forest and look out for the cosplayers and other visitors.

No. Only guide dogs are admitted(with documents and the appropriate equipment).

There is no cloakroom available where you can leave your jacket or bags.

At ELFTOPIA, we’re all about respect. Don’t show respect? 1 strike you’re out, we will ask you to leave the premises immediately and a picture will be taken to put on our banlist. Always ask for consent when filming or taking pictures of Cosplayers.

Of course you can! Unless you can store all those marvelous memories in your brain only!

There’s a huge (paying) parking very close to the venue.

It is the field across the entrance.

Yes. Itís located in the castle.

There are no ATM’s at ELFTOPIA, but you can pay by card for your entrance tickets. Be sure to bring cash to buy the goods! There are no ATMís nearby.

If you lose anything and notice the day of the event, you can retrieve your stuff at the register (if we found it). We keep your stuff for 10 days, you can mail to

Near the entrance you can find several toilets.

Send an e-mail with your motivation at

We will carry you to the first aid station and if serious we will call in an ambulance, of course

There is a camping nearby the venue.

Please contact them early to make sure you have your spot on the camping.

Due to the aspect of the terrain(stones, grass, gravel,…) it can get tricky to visit Elftopia with a wheelchair. If you have someone to help you out, it’s possible. The person accompanying a person in wheelchair doesn’t need to buy a ticket to get in.